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February 20, 2006

Custom Cables Response to RoHS Directive (Directive 2002/95/EC)

The RoHS Directive (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) became law in the European Union countries in February 2003. Member states must implement the law by August 2004 and product deadline for compliance is July 2006.

This directive has created the need to completely transition away from the six banned substances as outlined in the directive and to create a plan to address this transition as well as a basis for compliance going forward. As a result of the overwhelming demands this has placed on the industry and as part of our ongoing commitment to be an integral partner in our customers supply chains, we have developed a set of objectives as well as a RoHS Compliance Initiative to address the requirements as set forth under the RoHS Directive.

As a supplier responsible both to our customers and to the environment, Custom Cables is committed to achieving RoHS compliance in a way that meets both the requirements under the RoHS directive and the strong demands of our customers. Our RoHS Compliance Initiative plan calls for full implementation by July 2006.

Custom Cables will achieve this compliance through a 2-phase approach. Phase one includes the elimination of lead in all internal soldering processes. Phase two includes the procurement of only RoHS compliant materials from our suppliers and the purging of non-compliant components in our inventory.


Phase 1: Internal Manufacturing Processes

         Identification and certification of acceptable lead-free solder and corresponding fluxes to be used in all hand-soldering applications

         Isolate and remove all lead-based solder and corresponding fluxes

         Training of employees in use of lead-free solder and acceptable quality standards as set forth under quality standards IPC-A-610D and J-STD-001D


Phase 2: Procurement of Externally Produced Components

         Full traceability of RoHS compliant components

o        Case-by-case analysis of all customer Bills of Materials (BOMís)

o        Complete line-item declaration for all BOMís

o        Internal records for RoHS compliance for all components

o        Packaging identification signifying RoHS Compliance


         Identification and communication of non-compliant components

o        Continued availability of pre-RoHS parts per special request

o        Work with customers to identify RoHS alternatives when available

o        Clearly state use of non-RoHS compliant material when applicable


We appreciate your continued support in working with us to achieve compliance. We are aware that a strong partnership must exist between Custom Cables Inc., our suppliers, and most importantly our customers and we are dedicated to working together to meet the goal of RoHS compliance.


Questions regarding Custom Cables RoHS implementation strategy should be directed to Dan Spahr, V.P. Sales and Marketing at (301) 497 9300 or dspahr@customcablesinc.com.